How can we immediately become net carbon neutral as individuals?

First Steps

  1. Download the AWorld App on your mobile and learn how to live sustainably
  2. Carbon offset residual emissions by planting trees and/or buying carbon credits through carbon offsetting companies such as LifeGate, Treedom, Gold Standard, SouthPole

Other tips below:
  • Switch to renewable energy sources for heating and cooling our homes
  • Switch heating and air conditioning on only when necessary

Make our house energy efficient:

  • Seal all windows
  • Turn off unnecessary water
  • Replace incandescent bulbs
  • Unplug unused charges

  • Switch to electric vehicles and car sharing
  • Use more public transport
  • Walk and cycle more
  • Avoid air travel on short-distance haul
  • Eat less meat and dairy products
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Shop organic & seasonal
  • Buy local products
  • Reduce, Reuse & Recycle more
  • Buy only if necessary ( food, clothing, etc.)
  • Avoid plastic bottles and bags – use canvas bags and water bottles instead