Action Committee / Ambassadors

The Action Committee (Ambassadors) is formed by people that would like to help achieving the mission of SOS Planet.

We would like it to include people/friends who sympathise with the initiative and are willing to help us on the basis of their own time and availability and without any binding commitment.

The Action Committee (Ambassadors) performs a proactive and supporting function to the team’s activities, has no decision-making powers and has no responsibility. Each member will be free to leave the Committee without obligations at any time.

How to help us

We would gladly welcome any help. At the moment we need a hand with the following:

  • Content creation and communication strategy to launch the call to action and promote a communication campaign on social media;
  • Contacts with the decision-makers in media (radio, television, online newspapers, etc.) or “green” influencers;
  • Contacts with influential individuals or “big name” companies willing to be co-signatories to the call to action;
  • Contacts with the universities, research institutes, foundations to promote study and/or sign the call to action;
  • Contacts with political movements/leaders who would in your opinion support the target of 2030;
  • Contacts with sponsors;
  • Ideas and suggestions to better promote the objectives of the initiative; 
  • Donations that will be exclusively used to achieve the objectives of the initiative.

The Foundation will draw up an annual budget that will be available to public.

Members of the Action Committee / Ambassadors

The Action Committee members / Ambassadors list

Conditions to join the Committee

1) To become carbon neutral immediately by abandoning to the extent possible the use of fossil fuels and by carbon offsetting the residual emissions of CO2;

2) To bring 3 new members to the SOS Planet Community within the year of membership.

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