Scientific Background

 “Next time you meet a climate denier tell them to take a trip to Venus”

Stephen Hawking

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Based on the rising average temperature trend assessments over the last decades and according to scientists, becoming net carbon neutral by 2050 could lead to a rise in global average temperatures far beyond the Paris Agreement target of 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels (i.e. +0.4°C compared to today’s temperatures) in the long-term.

Scientists Warning Europe have issued an open letter to the UK Prime Minister on behalf of 20 World leading scientists urging for a 2030 Net Zero target.

According to the Climate Reality Check 2020 climate disruption is accelerating (1.2°C now, 1.5°C before 2030, 2°C likely before 2050, with 5°C possible by 2100) and we need to mobilize for zero emissions at emergency speed: 2030 – not 2050 – is the crucial time frame.