Scientific Background

 “Next time you meet a climate denier tell them to take a trip to Venus”

Stephen Hawking

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Based on the rising average temperature trend assessments over the last decades and according to scientists, becoming net carbon neutral by 2050 could lead to a rise in global average temperatures far beyond the Paris Agreement target of 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels (i.e. +0.4°C compared to today’s temperatures) in the long-term.

Scientists Warning Europe have issued an open letter to the UK Prime Minister on behalf of 20 World leading scientists and an additional open letter to the Italian and UK PMs, urging for a 2030 Net Zero target.

According to the Climate Reality Check 2020 climate disruption is accelerating (1.2°C now, 1.5°C before 2030, 2°C likely before 2050, with 5°C possible by 2100) and we need to mobilize for zero emissions at emergency speed: 2030 – not 2050 – is the crucial time frame.