Other relevant surveys

  • Opinium survey for the Zero Carbon Campaign shows that a carbon tax would be popular with UK voters
  • UN survey shows that two-thirds of 1.2 million people polled worldwide say humanity faces a climate emergency
  • Guardian Essential polls shows that three-quarters of Australians back target of net zero by 2030
  • Ipsos MORI survey conducted in April 2020: it shows that 71% of the world population believes climate change as serious as Covid-19 and majority wants climate prioritised in economic recovery. SourceIpsos MORI
  • Pew Research Center poll conducted in spring 2020: in several countries of the world the large majority of the population cites global climate change as one of the major threats to their country. SourceTermometro Politico
  • GlobeScan Insight report published in September 2020: an average of 90% of the people from 27 countries surveyed continue to consider climate change as an urgent and serious issue despite the pandemic and the economic crisis. SourceGlobeScan