Christmas message from the SOS Planet Founder

Dear Friends,

I hope you are well and look forward to Christmas.  

I reach out to you because I believe that with your help we can contribute to preventing the most irreversible tragedy happening on Earth in case the global temperatures surpass 1.5C above pre-industrial level.

You know that I dedicated my part of my life and my financial resources to tackle the eminent global warming by becoming carbon neutral myself and making the Maloja Palace – your home in the Swiss Alps – carbon neutral.  I founded SOS Planet, a Swiss foundation, where we are working on building a community of CO2 neutral people and municipalities.  This is important because whilst politicians are taking time to introduce the necessary measures such as carbon tax, and the scientists are trying to find ways of removing CO2 from the atmosphere, each of us should, and can, become carbon neutral now.  Under this perspective as we are comforted by the polls that more than two thirds of the population on Earth desire the introduction of a carbon tax SOS-Planet-Opinion-Polls-2020

I believe that you, as my friend, could be a great addition to this community. If you haven’t already done so, I invite you to 1) become carbon neutral now by abandoning to the extent possible the use of fossil fuels and by carbon offsetting the residual emissions of CO2 and 2) join the SOS Planet Action Committee.   The members of the Action Committee are CO2 neutral individuals who are happy to convince the others to do the same and become the Ambassadors of SOS Planet.  You can find out here what you can do to reduce carbon emissions, and you can ask my team at how to offset the residual emissions*.

Finally, I take this opportunity to invite you to cocktail and dinner at the Maloja Palace on the 15th January 2022 from 6pm onwards. The link to the invite here :

Look forward to hearing from you and greeting you soon at the Maloja Palace.



SOS Planet Founder

*In order to become CO2 neutral our supporters/ambassadors can choose to offset their carbon emissions independently by using the available tools to calculate their emissions and with the help of the organisations such as Lifegate which will suggest the carbon offsetting projects and certify that individual/household are carbon neutral.   Alternatively, you can make an annual contribution of 200 euro to the SOS Planet foundation, €150 of which will be used to carbon offset the emissions on your behalf for a minimum of one year, and €50 will be used to cover the administrative work of our team.